Helpful Information

Please note we are all volunteers so may not get back to you straight away, we will however always respond usually within 24 hours. All information you need is in the website so please check back here first before asking questions. 

Materials & Deliveries:

If you are self-isolating or shielding you may know someone in your area who is making essential journeys and can help deliver for you.  Many of our members are also members of their own local community Facebook or volunteer groups; these groups can be very helpful in asking if anybody can help you while they’re doing an essential journey.  You can also ask the Cornwall Cloth Masks Facebook group if anyone can help.  We are all keen to stop as much additional movement around the county as possible.  If you are really stuck with distribution please email us:


If you require someone to pick up your package we suggest some steps you can take:

  • Having a container (clearly marked) outside your house where you can place items for collection.

  • Having a separate container for deliveries.

  • Thinking ahead and wherever possible leave items for 48 hours before touching them.

  • Washing your hands before and after handling anything.


Please stay safe throughout - wash your hands, make the least amount of journeys you can, to help keep yourself and others safe.

Mask Making Help
  • Cotton or cotton blend fabric with a high thread count is best: pillowcases, sheets or quilting fabric are good materials to use, preferably light-coloured.  Wash your fabric before you begin making masks.

  • You may find the following video helpful on 'We Can Sew It' Cloth Mask Demo:  

  • Please note that the pleats should face downwards - here’s a helpful video to show this, and an alternative way of forming the pocket for the nose bridge:

  • There is no need to add a filter between layers

  • We are trying to use “second use” material for masks, to keep costs at a minimum and to leave the scarce supply of new materials for those making Scrubs for health and care workers, which must be new material.  So please ask friends and neighbours for any unwanted sheets or duvet covers that can be used for mask making.  If you can’t find sufficient suitable material without travelling then please ask on the Cornwall Cloth Masks Facebook Group, or email admin.

  • We know that most of our wonderful makers won’t reclaim their postage or other expenses, but we understand that some people may need to do this. If you need to reclaim your costs then please email us at, and ensure you have copies of any receipts you'd like to claim. Please be aware that we are all volunteers and can only reimburse expenses if we are able to raise funding.

If you have any queries on making please look at the Facebook Volunteers Group first and if that doesn’t help ask one of our sewing mentors here: 


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