Questions & Answers

Q. Which pattern should I use?

A. Download the following pattern and join the Facebook Volunteers Group for further help 




Q. What material should I use?

A. Cotton or cotton-mix fabric with a high thread count - for example, sheets or pillowcases.  Light colours are preferable.  Pre-wash fabric at minimum 60 degrees C before you begin sewing.


Q. Do I need to add a filter?

A. The pattern has a space for a filter layer to be added by the wearer, if needed.  You do not have to add a filter layer, and most users prefer not to have one anyway.


Q. What do I use for a nose-piece?

A. We have a supply of metal nose-bridges and we will provide you with  them so that you can send them out with the masks.  Please see the “next steps” section on the Volunteers page.

Q. Do I have to use bias binding?

A. Bias binding works well as ties for the masks because it doesn’t fray.  However, if you can’t get hold of any then a woven cotton tape can work just as well, or you can make your own tape by either cutting and hemming strips of cotton fabric, or making your own bias binding.

Q. I’ve run out of supplies - what do I do?

A. If you’ve run out of material then contact admin: and they will try and put you in touch with someone who has offered material.  If you’ve run out of binding, thread or other supplies there is a list of suppliers here or ask other makers using the Facebook page.

Q. I have some suitable material - how do I get it to you?

A. Contact admin:  We will put you in touch with a maker in your area.  If you cannot post or deliver it we will try and arrange for it to be picked up.

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