Mask Makers

Thank you! 

***Please note we currently have enough lovely people sewing for us. If you would like to be added to our waiting list please register here. Alternatively please feel free to download the pattern to make masks for your local community***

If you are interested in making masks for yourself, the public or your local community please see the government's advice on wearing and making masks: 




Welcome, and thank you for volunteering with Cornwall Cloth Masks.  Before you begin please read all the information available in the website and then register with us here:



This helps us to understand who and where our volunteers are, and match supply and demand for masks in the best way possible. Please remember that all the admin team are volunteers and we may not be able to respond straight away, please be patient we will get back to you.

Here is a quick guide to what you need to do… Please also read the Top Tips and Helpful Information sections

Sewing Queens & Kings!



Download the pattern and our Quick Overview Guide:


We also have a member video & help sheet: 



Once you have a rough idea of the number of masks you can make over the next week, please email adminto to let us know.

We will then send you a number of nose bridges and an address to send your masks and bridges to. 

We pride ourselves as a group of friends who want to make a difference and help each other.  We have a few principles about how we work and hope you will work with them too;


  • Source your own pre-used fabric – we want to be green, ease pressure on those who need new for scrubs (and most of us know someone near by who will willingly clear out their cotton and poly cotton bedding!).

  • Limit your travel to existing essential journeys – to reduce the risk of spreading the virus (we want to be part of the solution not problem).

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Next Steps

When you have a batch of masks complete and ready for packing:

  • Wash your hands!

  • Iron masks with the maximum heat the cloth will allow.

  • Stack masks so that the inside surface of face masks are facing inwards (so there is less chance that they are touched when being packed or unpacked).

  • Please print off and include the “note to go out with masks and nose bridges” with each bundle.


  • Place masks and note in a bag or envelope and seal.

  • Quarantine overnight before sending by post the next day - this will ensure masks have at least 48 hours without being touched before they are received.

  • Send an email to admin telling us how many masks you have.  We will provide you with an address to send your masks to.  If we have a request from someone near to you then it may be easier to deliver them - but please read the Drivers and Deliveries page first here

  • Please safely post (or deliver) your package and let us know you have done so.

Repeat, repeat, repeat!

Sewing Mentors

Not sure where you start, you can ask for a mentor for any help you need in the sewing process, on the Facebook Volunteers Group 

or the admin email address:

We ask you to source your own materials, and here is a link to some suppliers:


but if you are struggling then ask the Cornwall Cloth Masks community for help on the Facebook Volunteers Group 

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Sewing Tools
Drivers & Deliveries

When delivering supplies and/or masks around the county, we ask that all drivers abide fully with the social distancing regulations.  Here are a few key points to keep to, to ensure that your deliveries are carried out safely:


  • Restrict the amount of journeys that are being carried out, and try to organise deliveries to avoid unnecessary mileage or journeys.  Please create a delivery route before setting out, to help with this.

  • Wash / sanitise your hands as often as possible, and avoid touching anything outside your vehicle when delivering.

  • At each drop, place package a safe distance away from the front door then return to your vehicle, or a safe distance away, to call recipient and let them know the parcel is there.

  • Observe the safe collection of parcel, then wash / sanitise your hands and continue to the next drop.

  • If you are picking up packages, ensure that they are left a safe distance away from you, e.g. on a garden wall, and that you have somewhere in your vehicle that you can place them to keep them separate from anything else that you may need to touch.  You may find it helpful to keep a cardboard box in your car for this purpose.