Introducing the Idea

Cornwall Cloth Masks is a group of volunteers who came together in response to the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.  We saw that community workers needed face masks in order to work more safely, and that they had no way of getting hold of them.  We knew that many people had the skills to make cloth face masks, and were keen to do anything they could to help.  A Facebook group was set up, which quickly grew to more than 700 members, and now there are volunteers all across Cornwall sewing masks for community workers. 


We provide resuable cloth (cotton or cotton-mix) face masks from a pattern approved by OSCMS (the Open Source Covid-19 Medical Supplies), a panel of technical and medical professionals who have reviewed numerous designs and identified the best ones. 

You are however welcome to use alternative patterns for other needs and uses. 


Cornwall Cloth Masks works alongside - but is separate from - other groups in Cornwall, making medical scrubs you can view on Facebook here: 



and protective visors here:

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Cornwall Cloth Masks Update

We now have some amazing “behind the scenes” folks who have made possible, the website, social media, systems and means to match supply to demand.  Our aim is to provide masks to those who need them - quickly:


1. EVERYONE'S safety is paramount.  We are very proud to say that our whole operation does not need to add a single journey to anyones daily life. We link with existing essential journeys out in communities.  

2. We help people to help themselves and each other.  We share lots of tips on how to source material, limit travel, find or make bias binding (or alternatives).  We have an amazing group of sewers who watch the group and mentor new members.

3. We support people to source their own material and act as a matching and support service to make sure makers are matched with those who need them, close to them.

4. We re-purpose materials.  We want to be green (and take pressure off the scrubs team).  We encourage our members to find and use existing materials instead of order new and share tips on how.

5. Every contribution is valued whether that's one share, one mask made, or 100!


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